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Vertical gardens are still newcomers in agri production and landscape architecture where the primary use is for the creation of new green space in cities where available space is scarce but even in rural areas where such gardening allows more control on cultivation. Vertical gardens are known for their aesthetic value, their creation of ecosystems and their positive influence on biodiversity, health improvement, micro-climates and building heat efficiency. They also have a profound positive impact on air quality, especially in regard to humidity and dust content, both indoors and outdoors.

NGO´s and HEI´s are playing the most influential role in the emergence of innovative agriculture, usually by promoting alternative models of production among indigenous farmers that are based on the use of local resources rather than on the purchase of external inputs. They have also played a major role in supporting small farmer associations in the adoption of organic methods of production and in innovative way.

The project applicant would like to transfer the know – how developed by the consortium from EU countries (Slovakia, Austria, Spain) consisted of NGO working with Youth, University and Technology Institute to introduce innovative educational and training methods including Open Education Resource with the introduction of innovative training opportunity – Vertical Gardens in the partner countries from 3 regions (ACP, Asia and Latin America) – Mauritius, Costa Rica, Thailand and Brazil for youth in poverty and workers with youth.

The project’s aims is to increase capacities of the entities
from Partner countries for education,
training and quality in the work with Youth in the field
of innovative farming and to increase mobility
for workers with Youth into the Project partner countries.

Among the targets is development of the Open Educational Resource with sophisticated training forms and professionalized processing methods in order to introduce innovative production of organic products by Youth and relevant organisations and such support their entrepreneurship of Youth and organisations working with Youth.

The mobility of workers with Youth from EU countries to partner countries will increase the capacities of the partner organisations working with Youth and also the mobility of participants from EU countries will bring the expertise in the fields of Youth work and vertical farming from this specific countries with wide range of plant variety.

In order to support the partners capacities the Regional Strategy Platform meetings in 4 Partner countries and Final Conference and Networking meeting in Spain will be organized where the Youth innovative production will be promoted for countries in 3 ACPALA regions.
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